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What is MGN-3?

MGN-3 is an essential immune support dietary supplement that provides vital antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

The action ingredient in MGN-3, Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) will help your body maintain peak immune system activity for as long as you keep taking it, never losing effectiveness over time. A polysaccharide dietary fiber derived from rice bran, RBAC is modified by an enzyme from the Shiitake mushroom using a patented biotechnology process. MGN-3 uses the powerful enzymes from the Shiitake mushroom to break up long-chain rice bran into short chain hemicellulose compounds which create the immunomodulatory effect. MGN-3’s immune enhancing effects starts in just a few days, and it takes only a few weeks for the immunomodulation effect to reach 90% of its peak.

Since MGN-3 was developed in 1990, it has been successfully taken by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide who have wanted to enhance their immune systems and it has established itself over the years as the most effective immune system supplement available worldwide, bar none.

Studies conducted in the United States, published in the International Journal of Immunology and presented at the Association of Abnormal cell Research and the International Conference on AIDS, show that MGN-3 can enhance NK cell activity by more than 300%, increase the activity of B-cells by 250% or greater, and boost T-cell activity by 200%.



Arming The Immune System With MGN-3 The key

The old saying “The best defense is a good offense” true in sports is proving to be true in medical science as well. Recent studies at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles have shown that a natural supplement called MGN-3 can more than triple Natural Killer (NK) cell activity and enhance T- and B- cell function better than any other vitamin herbal or medicinal mushroom therapies tested. These cells are the primary constituents of the immune system the body’s defense against invaders and disease.

Recently the most promising breakthroughs in medicine have come from the new field of immune-stimulating therapies. MGN-3’s dramatic immune- boosting effects have far-reaching implications for treatment and prevention because NK cells and T- and B-celis are vital.



Testimonials Happy customer

"MGN-3 has been a God send for our brother since we added MGN-3 to his diet. We take MGN-3 just to keep our immunity up." 

The Wiegman Family, Middle Village, NY

"I was told about MGN-3 by a neighbor of mine and started taking it immediately. Now I have more energy and my appetite has increased dramatically. I can go about my normal daily routine. I don't ever remember feeling this well, not in my entire life!!"

Lora Tandy, Fort Scott, KS

"I was constantly taking days off. I tried various drugs and natural supplements with mediocre results. When I started taking MGN-3, I was delighted to find that it realy did make a difference. I have more energy! It is the most effective natural supplement I have come across without any negative side effects."

Michael Bailey, Powell, Ohio

"I believe MGN-3 has enhanced my health and that's an understatement!"

Roderick K.Peet, Westifield, MA

"My 84 year old husband wanted to go the natural route. He changed his diet to a vegetarian regimen and we added your product MGN-3. Now he's feeling great. We recommend your MGN-3 to all out friends."

Shirley West, Alva, OK

"An esteemed friend of mine consulted his docter only to learn that his white blood cell count was 28. The docter recomennded one MGN-3 per meal and within 60 days my friend's count elevated to 78."

Richard Wiseman, Chicago, IL

"After only a few does of MGN-3, I noticed a significant improvement in my health. I like this product because it is completely natural and does not cause any side affects."

Norbert W.Gaskin, La Mesa, NM

"I have been taking MGN-3 for one month and I cannot believe the change in my energy. It is unbelivable. I have taken many things for 20 years, but nothing like MGN-3"

Vicki Woods, Palm Desert, CA

"My doctor gave me the written literature on MGN-3 to see if I wanted it as part of my regimen. As a master's level licensed Occupational Therapist, the published medical literature made a difference in my choice. I began MGN-3 and it's made a HUGE difference in my life."

Joy Andrews, Black Mountain, NV

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