Case Studies

These are documented case studies for MGN-3 use in patients.

Please note that in these case studies MGN-3 is being used as one component in a whole medical treatment protocol supervised by a medical doctor. These case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of adding a powerful immunomodulator such as MGN-3 to existing treatment protocols.

(In some of these case studies, BioBran is referred to more generically as Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound or RBAC. )

• Can a synergistic activation of pattern recognition receptors by plant immunomodulators enhance the effect of oncologic therapy? Case Report of a patient with uterus and ovary sarcoma. (Presented by Tibor Hajto, Lilla Baranyai, Angelika Kirsch, Monika Kuzma and Pal Perjési) – click here.


• Breast Cancer Case Study #6 (Australia) – click here.


• Breast Cancer Case Study #7 (Australia) – click here.


• Prostate Cancer Case Study #2 (Australia) – click here.


• Prostate Cancer Case Study #3 (Australia) – click here.