What do Natural Killer (NK) cells do?

Natural Killer cells are a kind of lymphocyte cells, or in other words, part of the white blood cells repertoire that recognizes and fights invading foreign cells. The are particularly effective at finding and attacking tumorous cells and cells infected by a virus.  If you visualize the immune system as an “army” of over 130 subtypes of white blood cells, you can consider the NK cells the “elite troops.”


MGN-3* is an essential support for the body’s first line of the defence by enhancing Natural Killer (NK) cells.With a unique molecular structure easily absorbed by the body, MGN-3* is particularly well suited for strengthening the immune system by enhancing the activity of Natural Killer cells and thus improving the levels of helper T- and B-cells that are specially equipped to locate kill diseased cells. This is done by introducing the active ingredient in MGN-3 which is a biological response modifier that helps increase the the cytotoxic activity of the NK cells when it comes to fighting compromised cells.

Your Body’s First Line Of Defense

Clinically Proven For 15 years to triple natural killer (NK) cell activity.


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