What do T and B-cells do?

MGN-3 T-B cellsT- and B-cells are defender cells – they are the body’s first line of defense by creating these different groups of cells that are tailored to different germs. When your body is infected with a particular germ, the T and B-cells recognise it and will respond immediately. The selected cells will then quickly multiply, and by literally creating an army of identical cells, they fight the infection by killing the affected cells. T and B-cells create a cellular response to these germs, in a way they remember the invader, hence creating immunity to a second attack. T- and B-cells are responsible for producing and reproducing these antbodies and cytakines that make up the rest of the immune system and will effectively create a life long immunity to any invading cells that you may encounter throughout your life. This is why getting sick from a particular virus will keep you immune for the rest of your life, and this is also why vaccination is such an effective way of defeating modern day infections.

Your Body’s First Line Of Defense

Clinically Proven For 15 years to triple natural killer (NK) cell activity.